Pit Stop Maintenance with TPM
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Pit Stop Maintenance with TPM
Book 4. Operational Excellence Workbooks Series

Author: Kenneth E. Rizzo

The foundation of Pit Stop Maintenance is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), a systematic program of optimizing equipment and processes by maintenance staff and operators to achieve a desired state for equipment and process reliability and performance.

The keys to TPM and Pit Stop Maintenance are understanding and addressing, with corrective and preventive actions, the mechanical and operational issues that impact Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The best way to achieve Pit Stop Maintenance efficiency is to bring people together in a team problem-solving atmosphere, and the primary tool for this is the Kaizen Blitz event.

Book 4 of the Operational Excellence Workbook series provides detailed step-by-step checklists, guidelines, and forms for evaluating your current state and developing methods for sustainable equipment performance and maintenance standards. 

Specs: 54 pp., 8.5x11-in. spiral bound, ISBN 9780883627143, copyright 2012.