Sheetfed Curriculum Final Examination Grading
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Sheetfed Curriculum Final Examination Grading

Each purchase of this product entitles the purchaser to the grading of one (1) Sheetfed Curriculum Final Examination.

Here is how the Sheetfed Final Examination process works:

1. The Instructor/Test Administrator prints one (1) copy of the Final Examination Packet for each student who will be taking the test. The Final Examination Packet is included in the Sheetfed Training Curriculum (All-Digital Product), which is a separate purchase from this Grading Product.

2. Once all Final Examinations have been administered, the Instructor/Test Administrator purchases an instance of this Final Examination Grading Product for each student who completed the exam. For example, if ten (10) students completed the exam, then ten (10) instances of this Grading Product will need to be purchased.

3. Following purchase of the appropriate number of instances of this Grading Product, the Instructor/Test Administrator will scan both the Disclaimer Form and the Answer Form (bubble sheet) sections of each student’s Final Examination.

4. The scans of the Disclaimer Forms and Answers Forms should then be emailed to Sam Shea at sshea@printing.org.

5. Test results will be returned to the Instructor/Test Administrator within ten (10) days of receipt of the scanned Disclaimer and Answer Forms.

For any questions regarding Final Examination Grading or the Training Curriculum, please contact Sam Shea at sshea@printing.org.