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Bindery Training Curriculum (All-Digital Product)
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable ZIP file. It is a very large file and could take several minutes to download.

The Bindery Training Curriculum is a much-needed solution to the problem of scarce training programs available to the postpress industry. This comprehensive resource helps to fill a void and elevate bindery training to a whole new level. This all-digital download training program includes:

  • Essential information for today's bindery employee
  • Easy-to-use for instructors of every experience level
  • Manual includes numerous real-life tips for the trainer to make instruction engaging and effective

The Bindery Training Curriculum is a must-have training tool for improving bindery productivity. Authored by a graphic arts professor and reviewed by a team of bindery professionals, this unique product has been designed to teach essential principles and operating procedures to new bindery employees. Developed in response to the increased need for greater bindery productivity through more knowledgeable and skilled bindery employees, it is the first training tool of its kind to be available in the printing industry.

With tight production and training schedules in mind, a convenient ready-to-use package has been created that contains everything needed to quickly and easily conduct an introductory training course.

This all-digital download training program includes:

  • Instructor Training Manual (PDF)
  • Instructor lesson notes, hands-on activities, and review questions enhanced with plenty of real-life training tips, training prop ideas, review/reinforcement activities, troubleshooting charts, and a glossary of terms (PDF)
  • Principles and processes presented in the lesson notes that include illustrations (PDF)
  • Trainee Workbook provides plenty of worksheets, checklists, troubleshooting charts, and other job aids for learning and quick reference, plus a glossary of terms (PDF)
  • All materials are designed to be straightforward, engaging, and effective for new bindery workers and their trainers.

The Bindery Training Curriculum covers everything from basic bindery principles to equipment operation and safety: Orientation, Safety, Paper, Preplanning, Cutting, Folding, Saddle Stitching, Adhesive Binding. Troubleshooting is also included, with plenty of quick-reference charts to help.