Prepress Training Curriculum (All-Digital Product)
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable ZIP file. It is a very large file and could take several minutes to download.

While it is extremely important to properly train press operators, it is equally as important to have well-educated prepress technicians. Challenges within the prepress stages of a job can prove to be just as troublesome and costly as those in the pressroom.

Printing Industries Press is pleased to announce another addition to its wealth of training materials, Prepress Skills Training Curriculum, by Joe Marin. The curriculum is a digital download containing printable PDF files for both the instructor and trainee.

This curriculum covers topics such as PDF creation, uncovering digital file problems, soft proofing, color management, and working with camera RAW. The six main areas of focus within this program are:

  • Orientation to Desktop Publishing
  • Composition
  • Job Engineering
  • Image Capture
  • Press, Binding, and Finishing
  • Digital Output

This all-digital download training program includes:

  • Instructor Manual (PDF).
  • Instructor resource files, including 36 presentation files containing hundreds of images and videos (PDF).
  • Trainee Workbook (PDF).
  • Final Examination Files (PDF).