Webinar Registration - Transition from Doing Problem Solving to Coaching Problem Solving
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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
2:00—3:00 PM Eastern Time

Webinar Overview

Think of the iconic sports coaches: The inspirational locker room talks. Setting the game plan and selecting plays. Giving players feedback on form and fundamentals. This is what most of us think of when we hear the word coaching.


But when it comes to coaching problem solving, things are different.


In our world of continuously improving our print operations, coaching requires specific skills—skills that go against everything we’ve developed up until now. In this webinar, you’ll explore the key differences between problem solving and coaching problem solving and challenge yourself to two critical steps to transition from doing to coaching.

You Will Learn

  • Key differences between problem solving and coaching problem solving
  • How your problem-solving skills get in the way of coaching
  • A specific, effective tactic to improve your coaching questions
  • Two critical steps you can start today to become a better problem-solving coach


Who Should Attend

  • Owners
  • Supervisors & Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Practitioners


Webinar Presenter

Jamie V. Parker

Trainer, Mentor & Consultant

Process + Results Lean Leadership Development


Jamie V. Parker is the founder of Process + Results Lean Leadership Development, where she helps operations managers master the people side of Lean so they can transition from tool-based implementation to culture transformation. Jamie brings her 17 years’ experience in operations leadership across retail, service, and print manufacturing environments to her work with organizations. She believes that everyone deserves to feel valued at work and is most known for helping leaders build Lean-thinking operations teams by improving their day-to-day leadership behaviors and team member interactions. Jamie’s course “Leadership Skills for New Supervisors” is available on the PIA eLearning Center, and she is facilitating a pre-conference workshop at the 2020 PIA Continuous Improvement Conference in April.


https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamievparker/             www.processplusresults.com