Pocket Pal, 21st Edition
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Pocket Pal, 21st Edition
The Handy Book of Graphic Arts Production
Editor: Michael Riordan
Editor Emeritus: Frank Romano

The 21st edition of Pocket Pal, the authoritative introduction to printing and the graphic arts, is an ideal educational tool for printers, publishers, students, artists, graphic designers, advertisers, paper merchants, paper industry personnel and others associated with visual arts and print production.

  • History and Evolution of Printing
  • Introduction to the Printing Processes
  • Pre-press – typography, copy and art preparation, imaging for graphic arts, image assembly and imposition, digital prepress, and plate-making
  • Printing – processes, digital presses, printing inks, and statistical process control
  • Post-press – binding and finishing
  • Paper – from pulping through manufacture, characteristics, grades and more
  • Graphic Art Terms
  • International Paper Printing Papers

Specs: 300 pp., 4.25x7.25-in. perfect bound, ISBN 978-0-578-54701-5, copyright 2019.