2019 Human Resource Management in the Printing Industry: Recruiting, Selection, Hiring Patterns, and Best Practices of Profit Leaders
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Over the course of 2018, a key issue for employers has been the shortage of qualified workers. In fact, for much of the year the pool of available job openings has exceeded the number of unemployed workers, an unprecedented occurrence. Even in times of labor surpluses, assimilating and developing a great team is difficult, but in today’s economy the challenges are paramount. In America’s printing industry, baby boomers are retiring while the interest of younger people in the industry is uncertain. And although total employment in the industry is trending downward, the industry still must hire thousands of new workers a year to replace those who retire and move on to other industries. Indeed, we hear from many printing company leaders that hiring and human resource management is one of their most (if not the most) difficult tasks.

This difficult and dynamic environment serves as the background for a spring 2018 survey on HR issues in the printing industry jointly conducted by the Center for Print Economics and Management of Printing Industries of America and the Jones College of Business of Middle Tennessee State University.

This report covers the following topics:

  • Overall printing industry HR trends
  • Industry occupational openings
  • Hiring difficulty by positons
  • Recruiting sources and practices
  • Effective recruiting practices
  • Candidate selection practices
  • Company HR practices
  • Best HR practices