Color Essentials, Volume 3
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Color Essentials, Volume 3
Color and Quality for the Graphic Arts and Sciences

Gary G. Field

Quality printed color reproductions are an essential component of maintaining success in the printing industry. Use this third volume to gain a more comprehensive understanding of concepts such as color quality judgment, "exact" and "preferred" color, color specification, color correction, 3D color, and more.

Contents: Color Quality Decision Processes • Learning Color Quality Judgment • Color Quality Limits—Are We There Yet? • "Wine and Cheese": Timeless Excellence • "Exact" Color • The Art of "Preferred" Color • "Preferred" Color: Research and Guidelines • Color Specification Challenges • Practical Color Specification and Communication • Color Correction Concepts • Color Correction Refinement • The Color Correction Craft I • The Color Correction Craft II • 3D Color • Understanding Color Reproduction: A Guide to the Essays

Specs: 120 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883626498, copyright 2009.