Introduction to Security Printing, Second Edition
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Introduction to Security Printing, Second Edition
Richard D. Warner and Richard M. Adams II

Are your documents secure?

Introduction to Security Printing, Second Edition gives readers an in-depth look at what is currently available in new digital printing technologies and explores how they can be used effectively to convert digitally printed products into security documents, labels, and packages. The book also covers new advancements in analog security printing solutions and technologies for high-tech/high-volume security printing, as well investigating what’s on the horizon for new RFID technology applications. This second edition also contains an extensive appendix containing valuable information from the first edition. Here are some of the topics addressed:

  • Currency
  • Consumer product goods
  • Digital solutions
  • Technical issues

Richard D. Warner is a private consultant for the security printing industry who specializes in security documents, labels, and packages for the private sector and government agencies, with several years of experience in counterfeit, knockoffs, and forgery protection for financial/identification documents and brand protection for consumer products, packages, and labels. Warner spent several years as Vice President & Research Director at PIA/GATF from 1977–2002, and then as VP of Operations for NASPO. He has authored several security printing articles for the bi-monthly magazine , Product and Image Security, UK, and PIA’s The Magazine, and he is also the facilitator for the Brand Protection Conferences at PAF in Miami Beach, FL.

Dr. Richard M. Adams II is an associate professor at Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management in Toronto, Canada. Previously he was a color specialist at the training division of X-Rite, Inc. and a research scientist at the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, predecessor of the PIA, where he worked with Richard Warner on the first Security Printing Conference.

Specs: 240 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 978-0883628812, copyright 2016.