Printing Industries of America: The Magazine - July 2014 Forecast Part 2
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This issue of Printing Industries of America: The Magazine contains the following articles:

Industry Insights

  • Updated Economic & Print Market Forecast Through 2015
    Dr. Ronnie H. Davis
  • Fiscal Year 2014: How Will Your Numbers Shape Up?
    Stuart Margolis
  • The Evolving Print and Mailing Industry Ecosystem
    Kent Smith
  • The Future of the Print Industry
    Joseph Puopolo
  • What Does Media Mean to You?
    Harvey R. Levenson
  • HR Forecast: Winds Blowing from Every Direction
    Jim Kyger
  • Print Staffing in 2014 and Beyond
    Brian Regan
  • What to Expect from EPA and OSHA in 2014
    Gary Jones and Jessica Gazda

Print Markets

  • Print Pivot: Asia Pacific Power Markets
    Ralph J. Nappi
  • U.K. Printing Industry: Future Focus
    Kyle Jardine
  • Mid-Year Forecast: The Big Print Picture
    Mark Vruno
  • What's Next for Digital Packaging?
    Sean Smyth
  • Continuous-Feed Inkjet Production Market: 2014
    Marco Boer
  • Coexistence of Print, Digital Key to Newspapers' Future
    Tara McMeekin
  • Another Strong Showing for the Graphics & Sign Sector
    Dan Marx
  • Photo Printing: A Rapidly Changing Market Segment
    Don Franz
  • Envelopes and Other Forms of Paper-Based Communications: 2015 and Beyond
    Maynard H. Benjamin


  • The Future of Automated Printing Workflows
    James E. Harvey
  • OpenEFT: What It Is and Why It Matters
    John Parsons
  • Exploring the Value of Contract Color Proofs
    Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D.
  • Curing Technologies & Emerging Print Applications
    Jackie Bland
  • The Evolution of Digital Printing and Its Impact on Flexo
    Bill Myers
  • Smart Packaging
    Dr. Mark Bohan
  • Smart Signs: The Ultimate in Interactive Print
    Brad Blake
  • How NFC Will Impact Our Communications
    John Bodnar and Dr. Mark Bohan


  • Solutions that Will Impact Your Business
    Dr. Mark Bohan and Jim Workman
  • Technology Is Making Print Come Alive
    Lisa Rawa
  • E-Commerce Eats the Print World
    Vitaly M. Golomb
  • Value-Added Folding
    Steven Calov
  • Why Printers Must Adapt Nor or Face the Music (And How to Do It)
    Joy Gendusa
  • Change Is the Only Constant for Mailers
    Jim Workman
  • The Six Essentials of Supply Chain Management: Part 3 of 3
    Doug Tompkins
  • Write It Down: Paper Still Popular
    Travis Mlakar
  • Two Sides: Advocates for Print and Paper
    Phil Riebel

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