Short History of Binding, A
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A Short History of Binding
William Oresick

This overview, spanning six millennia, offers a short, illustrated, non-technical orientation to the development of bookbinding. The narrative ranges from the origin of bookmaking in Mesopotamia to the development of the codex book format in ancient Rome to the mechanization of the bindery during the Industrial Revolution. This history of binding is useful to printing and publishing professionals, to students--to anyone curious about graphic communications.

Table of Contents: Preface • Chapter One: The Origins of Bookmaking and Binding • Chapter Two: Bookbinding in Early Europe • Chapter Three: Bookbinding in Early America • Chapter Four: Bookbinding and the Industrial Revolution • Chapter Five: Binding Today • Bibliography • Index

Specs: 96 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 088362446X, copyright 2003.