2014 Strategic Planning Report (PDF)
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2014 Strategic Planning Report
Compiled by PIA Center for Economic and Market Research
Sponsored by: Heidelberg USA

What makes the profit leaders … profit leaders? Sure, we know what they spend on ink, paper, and factory labor. We know how much revenue and value-add they produce per employee, and we know what proportion of their assets they invest in equipment. But what makes the profit leaders tick? What makes them so efficient, so … profitable?

Answering this question would benefit all players in our industry. Of course, the average printers and profit challengers may learn from this research how to improve their marginal results. But the profit leaders may also gain, learning what makes them different, helping them to remain focused on practices that are key to their success and to the sustainability of their success.

To shed light on what makes profit leaders the profit leaders, in February 2014 PIA distributed the Strategic Planning Survey. Eighty-two printing companies completed the survey. Although our aim was to study the relationship between various strategic planning practices and profitability, the survey also gathered data related to annual sales growth. As one would expect, we found statistical evidence of a positive relationship between sales growth and profitability–firms that are growing in sales tend to have the highest profits.

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