Value-Added Printing & Finishing for Improved Profitability (Executive Summary)
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Value-Added Printing & Finishing for Improved Profitability—Executive Summary

Faced with a declining market, printers are seeking new ways to differentiate their offerings and increase profit margins. This study analyzes the current and future marketplace for value-added services. The goal is to provide a profile of applicable technologies and measure their intrinsic value in the print supply chain.

The final report looks at 23 value-added enhancements developed by the PRIMIR Task Force. Both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered from print service providers (PSPs), trade service providers (TSPs), brand owners, and print buyers. A total of 577 respondents completed a survey, which asked a range of randomized questions regarding the use of value-added enhancements.

Combined with in-depth telephone interviews with vendors, PSPs, TSPs, and brand owners, the survey results yielded an analysis of current and future markets for the 23 value-added enhancements. The study also highlights growth opportunities and defines the related equipment and supplies needed to enable printers to offer these value-added enhancements.

Broad categories of enhancements include high-end color, bindery processes, finishing techniques, specialized inks and coatings, innovative substrates, and brand protection.

Specs: 48 pp., copyright 2014.