To Be a Profitable Printer
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To Be a Profitable Printer
Michael D. Moffitt

Three buzz phrases—consolidation, international competition, and soft demand—characterize the recent business environment, including that of the printing industry. So how does a printer distinguish itself in such an environment, both to the customer and on the bottom line? To Be a Profitable Printer explores a business theory and management approach that spells success, and the author underscores these elements with plenty of real-life examples and present-day scenarios that can be applied to your own business. In addition to the relevance of technological changes, this book focuses on five areas requiring attention by today’s printer: maximizing industry megatrends, applying five business principles for success and profitability, instilling a culture of quality, assessing risks and planning for them, and operating with a sense of action. To Be a Profitable Printer invites you to look beyond the familiar issues of training, value-added services, and changing media and to recognize the value in managing well in a world of constant change. Learn how to make accountability, mission awareness, customer integration, quality, and preparation your new business mantras.

About the Author: Michael D. Moffitt provides consulting for publishing and printing companies to help focus their missions, build organizations around their mission, manage customer relationships, and use information and connectivity as a competitive weapon.

Table of Contents: Introduction ♦ Chapter 1. Three Megatrends in Print: More Color—The First Megatrend • More Targeting of Print • Faster Distribution of Print • Megatrends and Strategy ♦ Chapter 2. Five Principles for Success: Define Your Mission Carefully • Maintain Total Accountability to the Mission • Choose Your Customers to Fit Your Mission • Integrate Your Organization with Your Customers • Invest for and Take Risks with Your Customers ♦ Chapter 3. Make Quality Part of Your Mission: Quality and Cost • Quality As Company Culture ♦ Chapter 4. Always Plan for Your Worst Nightmare: Remain Alert to Risk • Protect Cash Flow • Be Paranoid About Partnerships • Be Prepared ♦ Chapter 5. Lagniappe

Specs: 86 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 0883624427, copyright 2003.