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ITL010 Before and After
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ITL Before and After is a special processing of two test runs performed on a specific press using the same settings and materials but run at two different times. This allows for a special ITL report that directly compares the two target runs. For example, if your press is in need of service, you run the first set of targets before the service occurs. After the service is performed you run the second set of targets. ITL then generates a report showing any change in grading of specific printer properties as a result of the service. This can greatly assist communications with your vendor. In addition, if equipment or settings around the press change, you can run ITL Before and After to measure if any of the print properties have changed. This may assist in optimizing your press and printing environment.

More information about ITL Test Forms.

How it Works:

The customer prints from a PDF file provided via email by ITL using existing press settings, paper, and ink/toner. The customer returns the printed sample to ITL for analysis. After analyzing the printing, ITL delivers a set of reports that assigns a letter grade to various aspects of image quality and also shows the customer how his or her press compares with others in terms of print quality and lets them know where they stand.


The Image Grader results are presented to the customer as a three sheet PDF. The first is an academic-style report card. The remaining sheets offer analysis and insight, positioning major grades against histograms of the grades awarded to similar presses and against all ITL scores. Attributes of particular strength or weakness are also identified. The ITL Image Grader produces an overall grade of recognizable image attributes rather than a series of technical numbers that are, to many, arcane and open to interpretation. The ITL Image Grader compares the grades to those of other relevant presses and identifies strengths and weaknesses.

Your Report Card

  • An overall grade for your press that lets you know where you stand!

  • A comparison that stacks your press against similar machines we have tested.

  • A dozen individually graded attributes using an easy to follow A, B, C grading system.

  • Helpful hints for improving press performance.

This product is two analysis of press sheets.