Printing Industries of America RHEM Light Indicator-10 Pack
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The Printing Industries of America RHEM® Light Indicator (Formerly Item No. 7065R) is a device for the visual control of color viewing. When attached to the border of a color proof or transparency, the Light Indicator will signal whether the viewer is judging color accuracy with or without a 5,000 K standard light source. Under standard lighting, the Light Indicator appears as a solid magenta patch. However, under non-standard light sources, the broad stripes of the two magenta metameric colorants that comprise the Indicator are readily apparent. The small patches, backed with a nonpermanent adhesive, can be peeled off and attached to the border of color proofs, color copy, color reproductions, or the sleeve of a transparency. Each patch measures 2x0.75-in. (51x19 mm).

NOTE: The Printing Industries of America RHEM® Light Indicators are sold in booklets of 50 stickers.