Inside the Printing Plant: Special Report on Print Manufacturing (PDF)
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Inside the Printing Plant:
Special Report on Print Manufacturing

Dr. Ron Davis Senior Vice President and Chief Economist

Over the last couple of decades, printers have focused more and more on value-added services, marketing services expertise, Web-based skillsets, integrated print services, and other non-print revenue sources. Despite these trends, print remains primarily a manufacturing business. In fact, an overwhelming majority of the cost and revenues of a typical printer relate directly to manufacturing the printed product in spite of evolving toward more of a hybrid manufacturing service business model. At the core, printers must continue to embrace a manufacturing mentality, even as they become providers of various non-manufacturing valued-added ancillary services.

In this report we focus on this fact by exploring key trends and metrics inside the printing plant, including factory throughput and other aspects of print manufacturing. The report is divided into four major topic areas:

  1. The Big Picture: Overall Trends in Print Manufacturing—a perspective on aggregate developments in print manufacturing over the past few years.
  2. Manufacturing Metrics by Printing Process—an examination of key factory metrics differentiated by printing processes.
  3. Manufacturing Metrics by Print Market Segments—a review of key factory metrics sorted by various print market segments.
  4. Manufacturing Metrics by Size of Plant—an analysis of key factory metrics classified by the number of employees.

Specs: 15 pp., PDF, copyright 2014.