What Does Media Mean to You? (PDF)
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The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly--GrCI (www.grci.calpoly.edu) has conducted a study on how people perceive media in their lives.

This resulting report covers an anonymous survey administered to individuals and groups--businesses, social, service, education, special interest groups, and so on. It was administered to people of all ages, walks of life, occupations, and interests. There have been no other surveys of this type.

The study is meant to provide a broad sweep of media choices across the population. However, the data provides the opportunity for readers to draw more specific conclusions relative to their interests, e.g., business professionals doing strategic planning or the general public exploring media options and effectiveness.

We often hear that "print is dead" or that the Internet is the future. This study looks at what people think about their media options, as their options have grown tremendously over the past decade. It looks at the interests of media users in ways never previously explored. For example, typically, the products of the graphic communication industry are focused on traditional vertical markets offering products and services such as Automotive, Education, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Sports, Travel & Leisure, Utilities, or others. However, this study suggests that a more effective focus would be on what is termed "Media Verticals," for serving the interests that people have in Remembering Information, Receiving Detail, Being Entertained, Being Educated, Making Decisions, or Being Informed. It provides a sense of what people in all walks of life perceive as the communication value of different media. A study of this nature has never been conducted for the graphic communication industry, and present some surprises.

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