Printing Industries of America: The Magazine - June 2013 (PDF)
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This issue of Printing Industries of America: The Magazine - June 2013 contains the following articles:

What's Hot!

  • Printed Electronics Finding Commercial Success
    David Savastano
  • Enhancing the Evaluation of Innovative & Future Technologies
    Dr. Mark Bohan

Member Spotlight

  • Western Graphics: Embracing Continuous Improvement


  • Unique Wide-Format Applications: Digital Wall Decor
    Rudy Herrera
  • VLF Offset: For Greater Differentiation, Higher Profits
    Joerg Daehnhardt


  • Greenwashing: Combatting Its Effect on the Printing Industry
    Printing Industries of America Staff
  • Industry Q&A
    Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety Affairs, Printing Industries of America
  • Preflighting: The Designer's Responsibilities
    Joseph Marin


  • Safety Posters
  • Government Affairs
  • Market Dashboard
  • Expert Training
  • PRINT 13
  • MIS Survey
  • Free EHS Tools
  • Mobile Websites
  • Color Printing Excellence

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