Printing Industries of America: The Magazine - March 2013 (PDF)
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This issue of Printing Industries of America: The Magazine - March 2013 contains the following articles.


  • Strategic Planning
    John M. Collins
  • Resilient Technology Structures for Printing and Packaging
    Tim Kirkland
  • Value Management: Accomplish More with Less
    Richard Sievert


  • Lantech's Lean Journey
    Jim Lancaster
  • Who Thought Problem Solving Could Be Such a Problem?
    Darrell Ward and Devlin Hinchey
  • Creation, Implementation, and Sustenance of Standard Work
    Manoj Ramachandran
  • Business Value Enhancement: What's an Owner to Do?
    Gary W. Ampulski
  • How Do You Build a Great Culture?
    David Harding

What's Hot!

  • Lean Accounting
    Brian H. Maskell
  • Cover Your Assets
    John Rothstein, Esq.

Printing Industries Press Resources


  • Adovocacy Agenda for the 113th Congress
    Lisbeth Lyons


  • How Do You Measure Up?
    Stuart W. Margolis


  • Landmark Year for SGP
  • Choost Print: An Update
  • Print Grows Trees: Why It Matters
  • It's Time to Rediscover Print
  • Two Sides' U.S. Membership Grows
  • How We Fought Back (Value of Print)

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