Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence
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Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence:
The Print Provider's Guide to Use, Sell, and Profit from Integrated Marketing and Emerging Technologies

Thaddeus B. Kubis

This book was developed to provide the printer or print provider with an understanding of the many new tools (legacy media and emerging technologies) available to them. When applied, these tools will help you develop new business for yourselves and your clients—and hopefully to increase your profits. By providing the in-depth knowledge and information on these myriad tools you can use to differentiate yourselves from your competition and broaden your business offerings, Kubis also helps you to gain:

  • The ability to discuss expansion of a simple print project to include some of these interactive and integrated options
  • An understanding of the response rates these tools can provide
  • An ability to use these tools to directly and positively affect new business plans
  • A foundation that defines the future of emerging technologies as they integrate with new print
  • An appreciation that the tools are critical to the delivery of relevant messages and the appropriate use of data
  • An understanding of some of the "verticals" or markets that can and will use these tools

Contents: Introduction ♦ Foundations ♦ Purpose ♦ Definitions ♦ Overview ♦ Integrated Marketing ♦ Media Convergence ♦ Advocacy ♦ Vertical Markets ♦ Branded Content ♦ Personalized Marketing ♦ Landing Pages ♦ Direct Mail ♦ Email ♦ Video ♦ Social Media ♦ SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) ♦ SEO/SEM/PPC (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click) ♦ SMS/QR/NFC/AR (Short Message System/Quick Response/Near Field Communication/Augmented Reality) ♦ Media Landscape—Loose Ends ♦ Advertising/Internet Advertising ♦ ROI/ROMI (Return on Investment/Return on Marketing Investment) ♦ Measurement ♦ The Future, Trends, and Beyond ♦ Putting It All Together ♦ Glossary ♦ Sources

Specs: ~242 pp., 6x9-in. perfect bound, ISBN 978-0-88362-829-4, copyright 2013.