Using the Ratios to Improve Profitability (Webinar)
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Presented on June 27, 2013

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Webinar Overview
The Ratios are the printing industry benchmark for financial performance. They not only provide hundreds of detailed, accurate, and current industry financial metrics but also break down the information for all printers and profit leaders by printing process, firm size, market segment, and geographic region. By comparing your firm with industry profit leaders and finding the expense line items that are “out of bounds,” you can determine what needs fixed and how to fix it.

First-time users typically get a big “eye opener” from the Ratios. They are usually pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to provide the data—either online or by filling out the form. In many cases they learn a lot about how to organize and classify their expenses from the Ratios chart of accounts. Most of all they find many ways to increase their bottom line.

Participants will be given a simple plan with easy-to-follow steps to compare their financials with profit leaders in their peer group. 

You Will Learn

  • A users guide to the Ratios—a “walkthrough” of the Ratios reports and information
  • What is financial benchmarking and how it is applied to the printing industry
  • Management’s essential role in the financial benchmarking process
  • How to select the best Ratios volume for your firm
  • How to use the Financial Ratios Electronic Dashboard
  • How to easily participate in the Ratios program
  • Who should use the Ratios—CEOs, CFOs and others
  • Management strategies for sustaining Ratios benefits

Who Should Attend

  • Owners
  • CFOs and financial managers
  • Operations managers
  • CPAs serving the printing industry

Webinar Presenters
Dr. Ron Davis                                               
Senior Vice President/Chief Economist
Printing Industries of America           

Ed Gleeson
Director of Economic and Market Research
Printing Industries of America