Safety Poster - Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification Pictograms Quick Reference (PDF)
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Safety - Know It, Live It Series

In order to enhance current safety programs and to serve as a reminder about how important safety is in the workplace, the Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs team has developed a new set of key safety posters. The new posters are designed to communicate essential safety practices and cover the following topics:

All posters are high-resolution, large-format PDFs and can be printed and displayed in an employee break room, on safety bulletin boards, in lunch rooms, or in common areas.

Safety - Know It, Live It: Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification Pictograms Quick Reference

Protect your most valuable resource—your employees! This poster addresses the impending to comply with new important OSHA requirements. As part of OSHA’s revised Hazard Communication Standard requirements, labels on hazardous chemicals must include pictograms which alert users of the chemical hazards to that which they may be exposed. To make them more identifiable for employees, each pictogram consists of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazard. This poster includes nine standardized pictograms and describes the hazards each represents. Place this poster in a visible area as a valuable easy-to-read reference and help protect your employees from hazards.

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