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Color Printing Excellence
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Color Printing Excellence
Gary G. Field

Color printing is the most critical of all the color reproduction processes because of the "gatekeeper". This is a person who has the authority to approve a color reproduction before thousands or even millions of printed images are produced. The economic stakes are so high in color printing that expert scrutiny of proofs and press sheets before mass production is authorized is the only prudent course of action.

Color Printing Excellence explores the nuances of such topics as additivity and proportionality failure, press color optimization, the use of extra inks, distinctions between exact and preferred color, the finer points of the color viewing standard, color correction strategies, and the human and economic dynamics of the color OK process. A significant portion of this material has been updated from the third edition of the book Color and Its Reproduction.

Author Gary G. Field blends years of practical experience in the printing industry with his research work at leading universities to explain why we encounter color quality limits and how they often may be extended. His authoritative treatment spans the following topics:

  • Printing system choices
  • Color reproduction objectives and strategies
  • Viewing color images
  • Color correction and approval

An inventive range of color illustrations that demonstrates color quality choice options is a major feature of Color Printing Excellence. Numerous references to research studies and an extensive glossary also are provided for those wishing to understand the subject in more detail.

This text is intended primarily for those professionals involved directly in creating, producing, buying, or selling printing at the frontiers of color image quality. Color and imaging scientists, new to the unexpected complexities and professional standards of graphic arts color reproduction, also will gain many insights from the material presented here.

Specs: 158 pp., 7.5x10-in. perfect bound, copyright 2013.