Mandatory, Permissive, and Illegal Subjects in Collective Bargaining
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Mandatory, Permissive, and Illegal Subjects in Collective Bargaining

Printing Industries of America has a long history of providing labor relations assistance to members. In fact, PIA was founded in 1887 on the principal of labor relations for both union and nonunion printing companies. While Printing Industries of America's has expanded the types of employment-related services it offers to its members, labor relations issues continue to be one of the members' needs that Printing Industries of America's supports by providing information, networking opportunities, labor relations assistance, and union liaison on a national level. This publication is provided to assist unionized Printing Industries of America's members in effective labor relations.

Contents: Introduction * The Practical Significance of the Legal Distinction to Employers * Strategic Implications * Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining * Permissive Subjects of Bargaining * Illegal Subjects of Bargaining * Conclustion

Specs: 32 pp., 8.5x11-in. saddle stitched, copyright 2003.