What the Printer Should Know About Ink
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What the Printer Should Know About Ink
Nelson R. Eldred

Looking for the latest information on ink and ink manufacturing technology?

What the Printer Should Know about Ink, Third Edition, covers everything from the components of printing inks to testing and specification and includes troubleshooting charts for litho, gravure, flexo, letterpress, and screen inks. Presented in a basic, easy-to-understand format, this book is a valuable reference tool for both printers and students alike.

This new edition includes chapters on energy-curing inks and coatings; inkjet inks; and health, safety, and the environment. Among its twenty chapters, the book covers a wide range of topics, including: an overview of the printing processes; buying printing ink; measuring and controlling color; pigments, the most important ingredient of printing inks; flow, viscosity, thixotropy, tack, and trapping; vehicles and varnishes; driers and ink drying; ink manufacture, testing, and specifications; inks for lithography, flexography, screen ,gravure, and letterpress; toners and specialty inks.

About the Author: After receiving his doctorate in organic chemistry from Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Nelson R. Eldred set up a research project at the Union Carbide Corp. on chemicals and resins for manufacture of paper and ink. He later served as assistant manager of development for Buckman Laboratories, Inc., before joining the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation as supervisor of the Chemistry Division. Later, Dr. Eldred became manager of GATF’s Techno-Economic Forecasting Division. He is now an independent graphic arts consultant headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Eldred, the author of Chemistry for the Graphic Arts published by GATFPress, has written extensively for both technical and trade journals, holds several patents, and presented numerous seminars and workshops on paper and ink. He holds degrees from Oberlin College, Wayne State University, and the Pennsylvania State University.

Editorial Reviews: From Book News, Inc.: This book describes the varieties of ink, their manufacture and use, and their role in the printing process. Lithographic, gravure, flexographic, letterpress, screen, inkjet, toners, and specialty inks are all covered. Specific chapters also discuss pigments, color measurement and control, flow, vehicles and varnish, and driers, as well as health, safety, and environmental concerns. Eldred is a graphic arts consultant. Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Contents: The Printing Process • Lithographic Inks • Gravure Inks • Flexographic Inks • Letterpress Inks • Screen Inks • Inkjet Inks • Toners and Specialty Inks • Pigments • Color Measurement and Control • Flow • Vehicles and Varnishes • Driers • How Printing Inks Set and Dry • Energy-Curing Inks and Coatings • Ink Manufacture • Testing of Printing Ink • Buying Printing Ink • Specification of Printing Inks • Health, Safety, and the Environment • Index

Specs: 352 pp., 7.5x10-in. case bound, ISBN 088362284X, copyright 2001.