UGRA Digital Print Scale
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The Ugra/FOGRA Digital Print Scale is a vendor-neutral tool for process and quality control in electronic publishing systems. It is written in Adobe Systems Inc.'s PostScript page description language.

The Digital Print Scale test image consists of seven function groups and a register scale for each of the process colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Output and processed at matched resolution on PostScript-compatible printers, image setters and electronic publishing systems making it particularly suitable for the quality control of digital printing systems.

The Ugra/FOGRA Digital Print Scale is an effective tool for characterizing the condition of digital output devices. It has a very broad range of potential applications, which users should try out individually according to their needs. Use and correct interpretation depend on the user's understanding of the digital processing system. The Digital Print Scale provides key data and information.

  • User and device specific information
  • Resolution
  • Directional resolution (vertical/horizontal)
  • Highlight and shadow rendering
  • Image setter or digital printer setting
  • Register deviations