Guide to Print Production, Ver. 12.0
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Guide to Print Production, Ver. 12.0
Best Practices & Specifications for Printing

Published by IDEAlliance

From the Preface...

Much has changed in our industry since 2007, when we last published these guidelines. Best practices for printing--from the use of images and fonts to the design of the page--are no longer confined to any specific printing process. The rules for excellence in graphic design and media production apply equally to a billboard, bus wrap, an ad in a magazine and a product on a store shelf. In the 12th Edition of the IDEAlliance Printing Guidelines, we categorize best practices and address the demands of evolving customer needs, the new challenges of acting globally and the latest changes in technology. From specifications such as GRACoL and SWOP to updates in lighting and measurement, and the addition of G7 specification TR015, this publication addresses the latest best practices in printing in North America and Internationally.

Printing Guidelines 12.0 includes important new developments in print production:

  • G7 TR015 Specification
  • New Reference Print Conditions
  • Color Science to Predict Print
  • Process Control to Manage the Supply Chain

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beginners Section
  • Guides & Best Practices
  • SWOP
  • Screen Print
  • Standard Printing Guidelines
  • GRACoL
  • Wide & Grand Format
  • Process Control
  • What Is G7?
  • Performance Metrics & Reporting
  • Colorimetry


Specs: 44 pages, 8.5x11-in. saddle-stitched, copyright 2012.