Package Printing, Second Edition
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Package Printing, Second Edition
Dr. Nelson R. Eldred

Everything you ever wanted to know about packaging … in one neat package!

The package is the product—it not only protects the contents and conveys information, but it must also sell itself! Package Printing, Second Edition is the definitive guide to this ubiquitous graphic communication medium. This book, written for the package buyer, the printer, the artist and designer, the supplier of printing equipment and materials, and students of printing and packaging, can be used as a reference, textbook, or training tool. In addition to a comprehensive glossary of packaging, 190 illustrations, and 70 tables, the book includes 14 chapters on a wide range of topics:
• Package printing: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
• Packages, packaging materials, and how they are printed
• The printing process
• Design for printing
• Color and color printing
• Prepress operations
• Plates and other image carriers
• Printing presses and auxiliary equipment
• Printing inks
• Coatings, laminates, and adhesives
• Nonprint decoration of packages
• Intelligent packaging: barcodes and RFID
• Technical challenges to management
• Choosing a printer or graphic arts service

Dr. Nelson R. Eldred, an independent graphic arts consultant and former head of GATF’s Techno-Economic Forecasting Division, has authored several books, written extensively for both technical and trade journals, and presented numerous seminars and workshops on paper and ink.

1. Package Printing: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2. Packages, Packaging Materials, and How They Are Printed
3. The Printing Process
4. Design for Printing
5. Color and Color Printing
6. Prepress Operations
7. Plates and Other Image Carriers
8. Printing Presses and Auxiliary Equipment
9. Printing Inks
10. Coatings, Laminates, and Adhesives
11. Nonprint Decoration of Packages
12. Intelligent Packaging: Barcodes and RFID
13. Technical Challenges to Management
14. Choosing a Printer or Graphic Arts Service

Specs: 400 pp., 7.5x10-in. spiral bound, ISBN 9780883625880, copyright 2008.