Printing Production Management, 2nd Edition
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Printing Production Management, 2nd Edition
Gary G. Field

A printing company’s financial success is probably most influenced by those decisions related to production activities. Production employs most of the firm’s personnel and requires, by far, most of its capital investment.

Printing Production Management provides a systematic treatment of the problem-solving aspects of production management that are so critical to efficient production and company profitability. Author Gary G. Field draws upon his unique combination of printing production experience—and university studies in quantitative analysis—to provide problem-solving insights into such areas as:

  • Plant capacity planning
  • Equipment investment analysis
  • Digital press scheduling strategies
  • Layout planning techniques
  • Production scheduling dynamics
  • Inventory optimization
  • Quality process analysis

The production problem-solving techniques presented here draw from the analytical methods used in finance, accounting, and industrial engineering disciplines. Worked examples and practice problems help develop the skills needed for reaching both long-term strategic production decisions and efficient day-to-day manufacturing solutions.

Although the book’s primary emphasis is placed upon the development of quantitative reasoning skills, a foundation also is provided in organizational structure, manufacturing strategy, interpersonal management, and employee-centered problem-solving and reward strategies.

Gary G. Field, a qualified printing industry tradesman, holds an MBA degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He is Emeritus Professor at the California Polytechnic State University, and also has taught printing technology and industrial administration at Carnegie Mellon University.


  1. Manufacturing Systems and Strategy
  2. Company Organization
  3. Equipment Planning
  4. Break-Even Point Analysis
  5. Changeover Point Analysis
  6. Financial Aspects of Equipment Investing
  7. Further Aspects of Equipment Investing
  8. Plant Location and Optimization
  9. Production System Administration
  10. Multiple-Image Layout Planning
  11. Digital Prepress Work Allocation
  12. Multi-Sheet Product Planning
  13. Digital Print Scheduling
  14. Complex Scheduling Dynamics
  15. Production Control Systems
  16. Inventory Optimization
  17. Purchasing and Inventory Strategy
  18. Quality Assurance
  19. Quality Control and Management
  20. Managing People - Theory
  21. Successful Printing Management
  22. Manufacturing for Competitive Advantage
  23. A Guide to Further Study
  24. Appendices: Budgeted Hourly Rate; Present Value Table - Single Payment; Present Value Table - Annuity; Quality Assurance Sampling Plans; Answers to Selected Problems

Specs: 198 pp., 7.5x10-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883625934, copyright 2010.