25x38-in. Sheetfed Test Form, 4-Color
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The Printing Industries of America 4-Color 25x38-in. Sheetfed Test Form v6.0 is designed to run on 38-in to 42-in. 4-Color offset printing presses. This multi-functional test form includes diagnostic targets to identify the mechanical performance of the printing units, process control targets to evaluate print characteristics, and “Open Designation Area” for placement of color management targets or your images.

Included on the CD:
Test form  EPS file, Excel Print Analysis spread sheet, user guide, license agreement and an Elements Folder with IT874, and ECI2002 color management targets, Printing Industries Photo Montage for use in the Open Designation Area.

Targets included:

Multi-Functional test form elements and features include:

  • Mechanical Attributes Elements: color control bars, ladder targets, digital register analysis tool (DRA), tone scales, and image fit devices.
  • Print Quality Components: tone scales, proof comparator, color control bars, mottle patches, quality control photographs, positive and negative text targets, positive and negative line device, and the Photo Montage.
  • Color Management Targets: tone scales, gray balance chart, and the color management designation area (included are the Printing Industries of America Photo Montage, the ANSI IT8.7/4-2005 test target, and the ECI 2002 test target).

* The Ladder Targets will show banding when output on a Heidelberg RIP set at 2540 dpi.

Definitive cost reduction benefits for Printers effectively utilizing the multi-functional 4-Color 25x38-in. Sheetfed Test Form v6.0:

  • Measure maintenance effectiveness
  • Slash makeready times
  • Cut prepress costs
  • Decrease spoilage
  • Shrink waste
  • Reduce color variation
  • Enhance quality
  • Achieve effective color management integration (ISO 12647-2, GRACoL®, and G7®)
  • Benchmark the printing system to industry leaders