Cleaning and Organizing: 5S for Printers
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Cleaning and Organizing—5S for Printers
Book 3 of Operational Excellence Workbook Series

Author: Kenneth E. Rizzo

A key issue for Operational Excellence and continuous improvement is simply getting it started. One of best and easiest ways to get there is to get everyone involved in cleaning and organizing their processes and work areas through a five-step process known as 5S.

Book 3 in the Operational Excellence workbook series explains the fundamentals of 5S—sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain—and provides step-by-step guidelines for eliminating waste, achieving total organizational cleanliness, and activity standardization throughout work processes.

Getting started with 5S involves a kaizen blitz event, and Book 3 provides detailed worksheets and forms to be used in evaluating your current state and planning, implementing, and reviewing the results of the kaizen event and 5S program.

Sections include:

  • 5S—What Is It?
  • 5S Objectives
  • 5S and Visual Management
  • Fundamental Keys to 5S
  • Kaizen: 5S
  • Kaizen Blitz Even Steps

Specs: 52 pp., 8.5x11-in. spiral bound, ISBN 9780883627136, copyright 2011.