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Operational and Performance Excellence—The Shingo Model
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Operational and Performance Excellence—The Shingo Model
Book 1. Operational Excellence Workbook Series

Kenneth E. Rizzo

As a printer today, you must slash downtime and cut all the costs you can. Operational Excellence (OPEX) can be the driving force to improve your current state of affairs as you embrace Lean thinking. Book 1 in the Operational Excellence workbook series details metrics for finding and tracking waste using the Shingo Model guiding principles for Operational Excellence—cultural enablers, continuous process improvement, enterprise alignment, and results. Book 1 also covers process stability and control as a means to achieve a true competitive edge, maximize production performance, and obtain Print Production Excellence (PPE).

Sections include:

  • What Are the Current Issues?
  • Achieving Excellence
  • The Shingo Model Guiding Principles
  • Scope of Transformation
  • Process Stability and Control
  • Key Applications of Print Production Excellence
  • Ten Steps to Operational Excellence: A Checklist

Specs: 56 pp., 8.5x11-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883627112, copyright 2011.