IDEAlliance G7 How To
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IDEAlliance G7 How To

This guide is the eighth in a series of printing specifications that has been published over the last 15 years. G7 is a very exciting new path for IDEAlliance, and for the printing and premedia industries. It evolved and was refined as the latest GRACoL 7 and SWOP specifications were completed in 2006. G7 specifies the components of an image that define a simliar "visual appearance" to the human eye. G7 grew out of a desire expressed primarily by agencies and print buyers a few years ago, who found that proofs didn't match the press, and that proofing systems looked different from one another. They wanted to be able to send their files across the country and around the world and get a consistent appearance regardless of where it was printed or who printed it, and regardless of the technology being used.

This document describes how to calibrate an offset press, digital proofing system, or any other CMYK imaging device using the IDEAlliance G7 method. Step-by-step instructions take the reader through the manual calibration method (using hand-drawn graphs on free G7 FanGraph paper) and the automated method using IDEAlink Curve software. Appendices explian how to use G7 with a pre-press proofing system, a sheetfed offset press and soft proofing.


  • Introduction
  • G7 Calibration Summary
  • G7 Calibration Using the FanGraph
  • G7 Calibration Using IDEAlink Curve
  • G7 Calibration from ICC Profiles
  • Appendix A - G7 FanGraph
  • Appendix B - ISO 12647-2 Solid Ink Values
  • Appendix C - Introduction to CIELAB
  • Appendix D - G7 for Prepress Proofing
  • Appendix E - G7 for Offset Lithography
  • Appendix F - G7 for Soft Proofing

Specs: 64 pp., 8.5x11-in. saddle stitched.