Fundamentals of Lithographic Printing
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Fundamentals of Lithographic Printing
Mechanics of Printing

John MacPhee

The most comprehensive book available on the science of lithography. Written by an engineer, it will appeal to engineers entering the industry, to workers in the field, and to students training for a career in printing. This edition emphasizes single-color sheetfed printing, covering in detail these topics: cylinders, blankets, plates, rollers, inking systems, and dampening systems. An entire section is devoted to the unique features of web printing and another to non-traditional forms of lithography, including waterless printing.

About the Author: John MacPhee is an engineer with a career in research and development that spans over 45 years. For the past 25 years he has worked for Baldwin Technology, first as vice president of Engineering, then as vice president, Research and Technology, and as senior scientist. During his tenure at Baldwin, he co-invented two of Baldwin’s most successful products: the cloth/pressure-pad type of automatic blanket cleaner and the Delta Dampener. MacPhee also carried out many research programs that led to a better understanding of the lithographic process. With the encouragement and cooperation of Baldwin, this newly gained knowledge was shared with the industry through the publication of over 50 articles and papers on various aspects of lithographic technology. His career is marked by over 20 inventions in the nuclear, industrial robot, and graphic arts industries that have been the subject of over 100 patents worldwide.

Table of Contents: Preface • Overview • Cylinders, Blankets, and Plates • Rollers and Rolling Action • Inking System Design • Dampening System Design • Unique Features of Web Printing • Non-traditional Forms of Lithography • Glossary • Index

Specs: 384 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. case bound, ISBN 0883622149, copyright 1998.