Web Offset Instructor's Training Manual
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Web Offset Instructor's Training Manual
Web Offset Press Training Curriculum

NOTE: The Supervisor's Manual is a two-volume set.

The updated and restructured sixth edition of the popular Web Offset Press Training Curriculum puts everything an instructor needs right at his or her fingertips. New content includes lesson notes, problem-solving ideas, and practical tips for teaching concepts and enhancing productivity in today’s busy web pressroom with smaller crews and tighter deadlines.

Providing a full understanding of both knowledge (principles) and operations (procedures) for the web pressroom, the program is divided into modular sections, or tasks, that allow a convenient combination of classroom learning with hands-on activities for either an academic setting or printing facility training program. Tasks include:

I. Orientation to the Web Offset Press
II. Safety
III. The Infeed System
IV. The Blanket and Plate Cylinders
V. The Inking System
VI. The Dampening System
VII. Dryer and Chill Rolls
VIII. The Delivery System
IX. Makeready
X. Press Production
XI. Preventive Maintenance

The Instructor’s Manual offers instructional guidelines, suggested teaching aids and tools, suggested problem-solving activities (including activities with the S.I.R. Heatset Web Simulator), supplemental references for additional information, “Training Tips,” additional figures and movie clips referenced throughout instructional outline, and space for instructor to add company-specific standard operating procedures in operations sections. Instead of videotapes, a CD is now included with the Instructor’s Manual. The CD incorporates all of the movie clips and diagrams that illustrate principles and processes that will enhance the classroom learning experience.

Specs: 714 pp., (in two volumes), 8.5x11-in. spiral bound with CD, ISBN 0883624443, copyright 2004.