Managing by the Numbers, 2009 Edition
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Managing by the Numbers, 2009 Edition
Key Benchmarking Metrics for Printers—Sheetfed Printers
Printing Industries of America Economic and Market Research Department

In today's competitive print market environment there is a constant need for improved performance. But to improve performance, you need a benchmark to track your performance. One becnhmark is simply to improve key operations of your firm against your past performance. However, this tracking may not be sufficient. You also need to know how you are doing against the industry's best. One of the greatest member benefits of belonging to Printing Industries of America is access to industry benchmarks which can be used to monitor and improve your performance. These benchmarks include key performance indicators generated by such Printing Industries of America rogramming as the Ratios, Productivity Benchmarks, Compensation Surveys, and other programs. The benchmarks in this report are from these various sources.

Contents: Executive Summary • Background and User Guide • Section 1. Sales Benchmarks • Section 2. Financial and Cost Benchmarks • Section 3. Production and Factory Benchmarks • Section 4. Human Resource Management Benchmarks

Specs: 46 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. saddle stitched, ISBN 9780883626580, copyright 2009.