Materials Handling for the Printer, 3rd Edition
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Materials Handling for the Printer, 3rd Edition
By A. John Geis

Printing is a manufacturing operation, and as in every other manufacturing operation, materials handling is a major activity that adds no value to the product—just additional costs. As a matter of fact, 60% of all direct and indirect manufacturing costs in a printing plant are attributable to the movement of materials.

Materials Handling for the Printer,Third Edition is designed to help printers interested in improving their profits by reducing materials handling costs. All printers, from the very small to the very large, must handle and store materials and products. And with the insights and tips offered from author A. John Geis, any printer can find numerous, actionable methods for improving and streamlining their materials handling procedures. Some of the cost-saving methods explored in Materials Handling for the Printer include:

• The use of dock seals or shelters in receiving and shipping to keep out weather

• Purchasing standard-size pallets to permit reuse

• Stacking methods to ensure optimal use of storage space

• The most efficient means of organizing a pick-and-pack operation

• New to the third edition, an in-depth examination of ways to further automate the materials handling process

Materials handling is a fact of life for every printer, but those who are able to accomplish the task with the greatest efficiency also realize a higher profit margin.

A. John Geis, a registered professional engineer, is a consultant to the print and graphic communications industries. He is also the author of Printing Plant Layout and Facility Design.

Specs: 138 pp., 7.5x10-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883626504, copyright 2010.