Chemistry for the Graphic Arts
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Chemistry for the Graphic Arts
Nelson R. Eldred

Chemical processes are basic to or play an important role in many graphic arts operations. This fundamental text in Printing Industries Press's family of educational books serves as an important reference covering the role of chemistry as it relates to the major printing processes and photography, platemaking, paper, and ink.

Beneficial for the newcomer and the seasoned professional, for students and industry personnel alike, this book helps the reader develop a working knowledge of chemistry basics before progressing into the chemistry involved in the graphic arts.

This updated edition discusses a wide range of topics including pH and conductivity, water purification, digital proofing, inkjet printing, chemistry in the pressroom, and chemical safety.

About the Author: After receiving his doctorate in organic chemistry from Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Nelson R. Eldred set up a research project at the Union Carbide Corp. on chemicals and resins for manufacture of paper and ink. He later served as assistant manager of development for Buckman Laboratories, Inc., before joining the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation as supervisor of the Chemistry Division. Later, Dr. Eldred became manager of GATF’s Techno-Economic Forecasting Division. He is now an independent graphic arts consultant headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Eldred has written extensively for both technical and trade journals, holds several patents, and presented numerous seminars and workshops on paper and ink. He holds degrees from Oberlin College, Wayne State University, and the Pennsylvania State University.

Editorial Reviews: From Book News, Inc.: Beginning with three chapters that cover chemistry basics for readers with no background in the science, this text outlines the chemical processes underlying the graphic arts: photography and proofing; lithographic plates; flexography, screen, gravure, inkjet, and other printing processes; paper; and printing inks, toners, and coatings. Includes discussions of chemistry in the pressroom and safety, health, and environmental issues. Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Table of Contents: An Introduction to Chemistry • Water, Acids, and Bases • Chemistry of the Compounds of Carbon • Chemistry of Photography and Proofing • Lithographic Plates • Image Carriers for Flexography, Screen, Gravure, Inkjet, and Other Printing Processes • Chemistry of Paper • Printing Inks, Toners, and Coatings • Chemistry in the Pressroom • Safety, Health, and the Environment • Appendix A: Chemical Elements and the Periodic Table • Appendix B: The SI or Metric System and Conversion Tables • Appendix C: Relative Humidity and Moisture-Saturated Air

Specs: 400 pp., 7.5x10-in. case bound, ISBN 0883622491, copyright 2001.