Sample Union Contract Language Manual
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Sample Union Contract Language Manual

This revised Sample Union Contract Language Manual provides updated sample contract language to help graphic arts employers set goals for formulating initial and subsequent proposals for negotiations with unions.

Since the 1960s, the Graphic Arts Employers of America section of Printing Industries of America has published several versions of this monograph, most of which offered only one or two samples of contract language per topic. The 2006 edition delivers more variety of language than previous versions, and actual language is included that has been or is currently being used in contracts in the printing industry. The language is taken from labor contracts with the GCIU, IBT, Communication Workers of America/International Typographers Union (CWA/ITU), and PACE (Paper Allied Chemical Energy Workers).

Table of Contents: Introduction • Acts of God or Emergency • Apprentices • Bulletin Boards • Call-in, Call-Back, and Reporting Pay • Complete Agreement Confidentiality • CSRs and Bargaining Unit Work • Discipline and Discharge • Dress and Hygiene • Drug and Alcohol • Efficient Production • Employee Definitions • Foreman/Supervisors • Grievance and Arbitration • Health and Welfare • Holidays and Vacations • Hours of Work • Incentive Plans • Jurisdiction • Management Rights • Moonlighting • New Machines or Processes • No Oral or Implied Agreement • No Strikes or Lockouts • Nondiscrimination • Overtime • Part-Time Employees P• robationary Employees • Recognition • Retirement Program • Savings Clause • Seniority • Separability • Shop Steward • Struck Work • Subcontracting • Supervisors • Technological Developments • Temporary Staffing • Temporary Transfers • Union Access to Plant • Union Activities • Union Label • Union Security • Violence Prevention • Vision Examinations • 401(k) Plan

Specs: 122 pp., 8.5x11-in. perfect bound, ISBN 0883624915, copyright 2006.