HRR Pseudoisochromatic Test
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Well respected and recommended test for color vision deficiency (“color blindness”) used by several industries.

The HRR (Hardy, Rand, and Rittler) Pseudoisochromatic Test is a well-respected test for color vision deficiency (“color blindness”) preferred by optometric physicians and used in several industries. The HRR was developed to serve as a screening test to separate those with defective color vision from those with normal color vision; as a qualitative diagnostic test to classify the type of color defect (protan or deutan/tritan or tetartan); and as a quantitative test to indicate the degree of any defective color vision (mild, medium, or strong).

The HRR test includes a series of 24 plates, a brush for tracing shapes, instructions for proper testing, and scoring details that determine the type of vision defect.

*A scoring app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android Phones and Tablets.