Safety Poster - Safe Truck Operation (PDF)
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Safety - Know It, Live It Poster Series

In order to enhance current safety programs and to serve as a reminder of how important safety is in the workplace, the Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs team has developed a new set of key safety posters. The new posters are designed to communicate essential safety practices and cover the following topics:

All posters are high-resolution, large-format PDFs and can be printed and displayed in employee break rooms, on safety bulletin boards, in lunch rooms, or in common areas.

Safety - Know It, Live It: Safe Operation of Powered Industrial Trucks

The first step in safely operating an industrial truck is proper training. But once the training is over, it is important that you continue to apply the lessons learned. This poster serves as an important reminder of how to safely operate industrial trucks. Properly operating an industrial truck can keep employees from being injured and can keep your forklifts working in top performance.

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