Print Production Management Primer
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Print Production Management Primer
Don Merit

Print Production Management Primer covers every aspect of the production process within a printing plant, from the roles of specific positions to cutting costs and errors. In a series of sixteen concise chapters, the author addresses a number of topics including: the roles and responsibilities of the production manager, order entry considerations, accurate specifications, the estimate, importance of the proof, the need for production standards, cutting the high cost of errors, and the cost of idle time and how to reduce it.

About the Author: Don Merit is a nationally recognized consultant in printing management, production, and estimating. He spent many years in managerial positions with some of the finest printing plants in the New York City area. During these years he worked closely with customers, designers, and salespeople helping to budget, engineer, schedule, and carry out complex printing projects. As a director of production and estimating, he was deeply involved in the tough problems printers face every day. Since 1983, he has worked as a consultant to both commercial and in-plant printing firms in all parts of the country. He is the author of four other books: Printing Estimating Primer; Is It Printed Yet? Effective Customer Service for Printers and Graphic Arts Firms; Print Production Scheduling Primer; and Frontline Supervision Primer.

Table of Contents: What Does a Production Manager Do? • Think Backward During Order Entry • Where Are the Missing Specs? • The Estimate as a Springboard • Catch Pitfalls at Order Entry Time • No Excuse for No Proof • Production Standards Are Sorely Needed • Leadership--Not Quotas--Improves Productivity • Cutting the High Cost of Errors • Usual Places to Catch Errors in Printing Jobs • Eliminating the Root Causes of Errors • Teams Uncover and Stamp Out the Causes of Errors • The High Cost of Idle Time--and How to Reduce It • Sales vs. Production: Round 1 • Sales vs. Production: Round 2 • What Really Motivates People

Specs: 64 pp., 8.5x11-in. saddle stitched, ISBN 0883623439, copyright 2001.