Ergonomics Training Program
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Ergonomics Training Program
The How-To Book on Ergonomic Issues and Their Solutions in the Graphic Communications Industry, with Fact Sheets and Pocket Cards

Printing Industries Staff

This program explores basic ergonomics information with specific solutions for printers, focusing primarily on jobs with high injury rates. The main sections of the Ergonomics Guidebook include: Ergonomic Issues and Benefits; Program Approaches—Management and Employee Participation; Worksite Evaluation—Find, Evaluate, and Identify Solutions; Controlling Ergonomic Issues—Office Ergonomics and Common Solutions; and Toolbox—Glossary, Ergo Factor Checklists, Factsheets, Pocket Cards, References, Contacts and Hotlinks.

Workplace tasks covered include those in prepress, press, postpress, and shipping, as well as issues relevant to newspaper printing.

In addition to the glossary and evaluation checklists in the Toolbox section, Fact Sheets provide concise one- to two-page overviews of ergonomic issues and solutions on a particular job contain images showing the issues and their solutions, and Pocket Cards illustrate right and wrong approaches to a variety of work activities.

Other components of this kit include the Leader's Guide, a concise booklet which will assist an instructor in implementing the Guidebook as an employee training program; a CD-ROM of PowerPoint materials for use in training; and a digital video file for Work Smarter, Not Harder: Ergonomics in the Graphic Communications Industry (also available in VHS format), providing general awareness on ergonomics from a printing perspective, including common risk factors or stressors and includes suggestions on how employees can do their jobs more safely.

Table of Contents: Leadership Guide: Introduction • The Learning Process • Learning Styles • Generational Styles • Teaching Methods and Tools • Planning for Training • Ergonomics Program Overview • Ergonomics Program Guidebook • Ergonomics Program Video • Employee Training • Training Summary and Evaluation. Ergonomics Guidebook: Disclaimer • Preface • How to Use This Guidebook • Working Smarter, Not Harder—Ergonomic issues and the competitive advantage in the graphic communications industry • Working Together—Management and employees working together on ergonomics • Worksite Evaluation—How to find, evaluate, and identify solutions for ergonomic issues • Controlling Ergonomic Issues—Ergonomic issues and the competitive advantage • Office Ergonomics—How to improve your workstation • Common Solutions—Ergonomic solutions for the graphic communications industry • The Toolbox—Glossary, Ergonomic Factor Checklists, Ergonomic Factsheets, Pocket Cards, References, Contacts and Hotlinks

Specs: 140 pp. (handbook) and 28 pp., Leadership Guide, 8x10-in. spiral bound with CD and VHS tape [video also available as digital download file, .wmv format], ISBN 0883624486, copyright 2003.