Best Practices for Print Automation
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Best Practices for Print Automation
From the Automation Solutions Network
by James E. Harvey

Since 2008 the Automation Solutions Network (formerly the JDF Users' Group) has been a gathering point for printers and supporting vendors working on implementations of automated printing. Automation Solutions Network (ASN) member printers include large and small printers; web, sheetfed, and digital printers; and in-house corporate, national, and family-owned printers--that is to say, a wide range of printers. At ASN meetings, members tell their stories and talk about what they've done, why they did it, and what they got out of it; but they also talk about common problems, issues, and solutions. In short, ASN members have learned from each other. Best Practices for Print Automation is a collection of that valuable advice. It is neither a textbook nor written as a guide or reference; it is simply a collection of things that you'll be glad you learned now, rathern than later.

About the ASN
The Automation Solutions Network meets three times per year at locations throughout the USA and Canada. Typically meetings are hosted by a member printer and each two-day program includes a plant tour. Members also are part of an email forum which is used to share ideas, ask questions, and get answers. For more information please visit www.printing.org/automation/.


  • Benefits of JDF-enabled Process Automation
  • Challenges Each Printer Will Face
  • Phased Approach for JDF-enabled Print Automation
  • Change Management
  • Obtaining C-Level Support
  • Working with Vendors
  • Training
  • Working with Customers
  • Technical Considerations
  • Operational Considerations
  • Top 15 Tips for a Successful Implementation

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