Troubleshooting Ink Problems on Your Offset Lithographic Press (PDF)
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The most aggravating problems in lithography are often interaction problems which arise when there is more than one deficiency among paper, ink, plate, press, and press operation factors. Consequently, adjusting the ink may solve the problem temporarily, only to have it pop up later as a different problem.

Even when it is not the primary cause of the problem, the ink is often adjusted because changing the paper or the form to be printed is impractical. For example, a picking problem caused primarily by printing solids with an ink that is too tacky on a marginally suitable paper will be treated by softening the ink rather than by changing the paper or replacing the solids with a 90% screen tint. Softening the ink may change the problem from picking to loss of details in the shadows, ink emulsification, or setoff. This MicroLesson will examine and offer troubleshooting guides for the following issues:

  • Ink drying problems for sheetfed presses
  • Ink drying problems for web presses
  • Ink in nonimage areas
  • Insufficient color in image areas
  • Ink/paper problems
  • Color variation
  • Waterless inks

Specs: 30 pp., PDF, copyright 2011.

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