22x34-inch Web Test Form, 6-color (Two-sided)
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The Printing Industries 22x34-in. 6 Color Web Test Form is built to handle the larger press size of 22x34. Many of the same familiar test targets that appear on other Printing Industries of America's test forms are loaded into this test form.

Elements include:

  • Unidirectional register track
  • Three-color gray bar
  • Vignettes
  • 25/50/75 gray bars
  • Gray balance target
  • Single-tiered six-color control bar
  • Mottle patches
  • Star targets
  • Ink coverage target
  • Ladder targets
  • Type resolution target
  • Fit target, type tint target
  • Separate files intended for the open designation regions: ECI 2002 profiling target, IT8.7/4 data set, Printing Industries' Fluting Target, and the Printing Industries' Photo Montage.

* The Ladder Targets will show banding when output on a Heidelberg RIP set at 2540 dpi.

Included is one CD-ROM (Mac and PC compatible) with test form in EPS file format and detailed User's Guide. The User's Guide is included as a PDF file on the CD.

For more information about this test form contact qcproducts@printing.org.