Direct Mail Pal with 2014 Rate Charts
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Direct Mail Pal: A Direct Mail Production Handbook
Updated to include 2014 Postage Rate Charts
by T.J. Tedesco and Charley Howard
2nd Edition of Direct Mail Pal

Since the first edition of Direct Mail Pal ten years ago, the subject of mailing has grown even more relevant as a service in the graphic communications industry--and the postal environment has changed significantly as well. Have you kept up to date with all of the changes in postal rules, rates, options, and practices? What about mailpiece design, data processing, production, and finishing and distribution?

Direct Mail Pal takes you on a comprehensive tour of the world of direct mail in 44 concise but practical chapters and 25 appendices. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of direct mail in terms of business concepts, planning, production, and analysis and also collect a wealth of operating tips, procedures, and management forms.

Just a few of the topics covered inside are:

  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Postal-friendly formats
  • Working with data
  • Label programs
  • Text and variable imaging
  • Folding and gluing
  • Mail security
  • Commingling
  • Drop shipping
  • Materials handling logistics
  • Barcode standards
  • Managing client samples

T.J. Tedesco is founder and president of Grow Sales, Inc., a sales growth services company serving the direct mail and graphic arts industries. Charley Howard is vice president of Postal Affairs (Postology) for Harte-Hanks.

Specs: 404 pp., 5x8-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883627402, copyright 2012, reprint with updated charts 2014.