Web Pressroom Safety: A Quick-Reference Guide (PDF)
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Technological advancements in printing presses have led to increased speeds. Faster presses pose additional safety problems; however, improved training methods and guarding devices have reduced potential hazards.

A systematic safety approach can further reduce the number of accidents. Press operators should work under the basic principle that all accidents in the pressroom can be prevented. Nearly 85% of all accidents are caused by unsafe acts, while the other 15% are caused by unsafe conditions.

This MicroLessons volume serves to review some of the major safety concerns in the pressroom in a quick-reference format.

You Will Learn...

  • A general overview of pressroom safety, including the press, production, infeed and delivery, and printing unit
  • The infeed system
  • Blanket and plate cylinders
  • The inking system
  • The dampening system
  • Dryer and chill rolls
  • The delivery system
  • Makeready
  • Control of Color Register
  • Maintenance and Mechanics

Note: the press operator should be properly trained before attempting to operate any equipment. Follow the press manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures. Develop supplemental safety procedures to ensure additional personal safety.

Specs: 13 pp., PDF, copyright 2011.

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