Inkjet! Second Edition
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Inkjet! Second Edition
Everything You Need to Know about Inkjet History, Technology, Markets, and Products

Frank J. Romano

The reason for the latest interest in inkjet printing is that it is a near-perfect printing process--if done correctly. There is no image carrier, no makeready, instant drying, and integrated finishing. And, every day, the quality and production speeds are allowing inkjet printers to create pieces to satisfy discerning customers' high standards. In addition, practitioners have the potential to offer innovative products that add significant value to the printed substrate.

Author Frank J. Romano explores the history of this printing process from its infancy to the common technologies in use today. More important, Romano offers insights into where the technology will take digital printers in the future by exploring the drivers and trends in the industry and also examines unique opportunities for which inkjet printing is primed to be the production process of choice.

Specifically, the book examines inkjet's impact on:

  • Wide-format printing
  • Large-format sheetfed printing
  • Industrial printing
  • Packaging
  • Transaction and transpromo printing
  • Individual product segments

Specs: 396 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883627419, copyright 2012.